John Lewis Department Store

Westgate Shopping City, Oxford UK

Giant Rose, 1200mm, John Lewis, "Alice in Wonderland" 

The project has been designed over 3 months’ period from developing the overall concept to each individual flower design done in Adobe Illustrator, to the laser cutting process, printing and hand assembling. 

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it comprises of 22 roses of a dimension that spans between 850mm/120mm for the largest elements, 70 bendable leaves and two headdresses for the store’s mannequins.

London Conrad St James Hotel

London, UK

Berries made in polystyrene, hand painted using enamels and with added snow effects 

A large scale decoration project for Hotel’s foyer, with over 650 single elements, leaves, winter berries and center flowers in sculpted polystyrene all painted by hand and airbrush.
The contemporary and geometric design has been planned on the use of two distinctive palettes, a cold and a warm one, together with the implementation of acrylic rods. The festive mood was created by using hundreds of micro LED’s mounted on each section.

Shiseido Marketing Event

Ice Tank Studio, London

Design & Creation of a paper installation for Shiseido marketing campaign, which took place at the Ice Tank Studio, London. 


Dozens of meters of paper have been manually cut and the shape of the sculpture has been put together on site by rigging it from the ceiling, obtaining an organic, casual yet sophisticated and contemporary effect thanks to the simplicity of its forms, light and shadows reflected on the surrounding walls. 

Urban Retreat SPA

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

SPA Magazine photoshoot 

Project & execution of a window display for Urban Retreat, a luxury beauty salon at Harrods.

Veuve Clicquot Marketing Event

Stoke Park Country Club, UK

Work in progress, petals individually hand cut

A collection of flowers in occasion of an event for Veuve Clicquot, held in the extraordinary beauty of Stoke Park Country Club, Buckinghamshire. This project has been designed using Colorama paper, due to the similarity to the hue that defines the brand's identity. 

Lungta de Fancy Boutique

Bond Street, Mayfair, London

The window display seen from New Bond Street

Paperize's very first paper design project for the luxury boutique 'Lungta De Fancy' located in Mayfair, very well known for its high end fashion stores in the heart of the capital. 

The client's choice was for warm, metallic colours, from ochre to rich golden and bronze tones, using paper and heavyweight card and leaving the colours to create lighting and shadows effects without any painting implementation.