Who is Paperize ?

From London to Milan, a journey that has just began.

Paperize comes out.  Lara is the mastermind behind every flower and leaf.

With a degree obtained at London College of Fashion in costume design and technical effects for Film & TV, she went through a short yet intense work experience as freelance costume maker and textile painter of feature films, after which she channelled her passion in props build for the retail and event industry, collaborating with award winning retail design agencies in London and UK.
Since early days, she has been obsessed in discovering the versatility and potential use of everyday's materials. In 2015, Paperize was born, focusing its goals on designing tailored handmade paper products, using high quality papers all FSC certified,  which offer exceptional beauty and an infinite choice of characteristics. Paperize listens to its clients and their expectations, providing information on the assorted range of colours and textures available on the market. What makes us so unique is the painting details applied on our objects using paintbrushes or by airbrush, a technique sadly lost in more recent years. 

If desired, a coat of water based fire retardant gel can be applied so to preserve their shape,  and guarantee their durability and freshness. 
Now based in Milan, Italy, Paperize’s strengths build up on its uniqueness, dazzling beauty and passion in introducing an alternative, eco friendly and long lasting solution to its clients, collaborating closely with stylists, art directors, set designers, wedding planners, photographers. We love travelling, the arts, architecture, discovering new worlds and working in synergy for an international audience. 
Wherever you are, we will be.