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July 2019: Paperize has its window on

Flowers crowns and bridal accessories, wedding invites and handmade place cards, evergreen and sustainable interior decorations: these are the proposals for couples whose goal is to choose originality for the best day in their lives, leaving behind the traditional design stereotypes which we have all seen. 

Currently, Paperize is only visible around Milan and surrounding boroughs, however we can operate and deliver nationally and worldwide. 


Paperize has moved!

Metropolitan capital of Italy, full of inspiration, culture, crafts, gardens and skyscrapers: Paperize will move to Milan in March 2019.

We will be available for evaluating projects at international level. 

Bologna Design Week, Settembre 2018

Paperize has teamed up with the collective Ladies, Wine and Design, which is present worldwide, in the design and creation of a show that analyses the efficiency and subtle strategies of marketing propaganda, in order to sell customers a 'non product'. The show was titled ' Fried Air?' and Paperize designed a large shredded paper curtain, called 'Cosmic Cloud'. 

For further info, you can consult LWD Facebook page dedicated to our project here:

Project phase: creating the scale paper model